Diego M. Rivera 1932-33 Detroit Industry Murals, Detroit Institute of Arts

From 1948 to the future, we are Advancing Vehicle Climate™ for the specialty transportation market.


There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles driving around with our name inside

Building on our long history of innovation and contributions to post WWII growth, THERMATECH | AR LINTERN maintains strong in-house engineering talent, and experience working with sophisticated OEMs. Equally as critical, our highly skilled manufacturing technicians and dedicated quality professionals, and modern manufacturing facilities allow us to be nimble, fast, and efficient from initial design through to validation and build. From 1948 to the future, we are Advancing Vehicle Climate™ for the specialty transportation market.

Our Journey

Detroit 1948

We started our journey in Detroit in 1948 by innovating in the school bus market with best-in-class bus heaters and fans; by the late 1950’s our content was on over 90% of all school buses manufactured in the United States. By the late 1960’s we began building for the step van market, and by the 1980’s when enclosed cabs became commonplace, we added the heavy duty and off-road vehicle markets. We entered the air conditioning space in the 1990s. Also, at this time we began working directly with major prime military contractors, innovating with full heat and air conditioning HVAC systems designs capable of rapid retro-fit install into fleets in theater.

Today, we are partnering with our current clients as well as all new all-electric OEMs to design and build their next-gen electric systems.

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Best in class

THERMATECH | AR LINTERN’s large team of engineers have experience in mechanical engineering / thermodynamics, electrical engineering, and HVAC system design, with a range of advanced credentials including Ph.D. and masters-level education. We utilize best-in-class tools including Autodesk Inventor, CFD and CAE simulators. Further, we maintain deep electronics capabilities in-house including 1) software development to build customized HMI, as well as precise temperature control, system diagnostics, and predictive maintenance feature sets and 2) hardware development from schematic capture through to PWB design.


Modern manufacturing plant, laboratory, and R&D facilities

Not far from our original factory in Detroit, THERMATECH | AR LINTERN maintains its corporate footprint. Our manufacturing assets provide us the ability to be competitive for both low and high-volume projects with advanced machinery for precision work. We are also proud of our certified ISO 9001:2015 status which is the cornerstone of our quality system. Finally, our dedicated laboratory includes thermal testing chambers and ESD compliant work areas.

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We have learned a great deal in our 70+ year journey. Advancing Vehicle Climate™ is what we do.

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